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"I just got my manual elantra, perfect car for me"

Very easy to negociate, awesome staff, Junior and all the people. I highly recommend this place!

"They help me with everything"

They help me with all the paperwork, insurance, plates, i just got my car inspected with plates. they're very professional. 

"The best deal that I found"

'Incredible prices, friendly customer service, i definitely recommend it!!"

"Definitely the best place ever!"

they don't care about your finance status, or if you're rich or not, they never switch the customer service quality, i loved it!

"Thank you for treating me so well"

"I must confess it took me a while to trust Car Connections because I was extremely leery and frustrated over the way a previous dealership had treated me. But I want to report how happy I am with the service they provided to me. They provided me a loaner car so I could return a rental car and a few days for my car to be ready to be delivered. Car Connections delivered my car registered, inspected and super clean, in short, I am extremely happy with my new car and for being treated so well by the staff at Car Connections!"

"They met my need for a fast purchase"

"I needed to buy a car as quickly as possible in order to be able to use the car for work. Car Connections called me back on Saturday and Sunday and helped me transfer the hold deposit. They then helped me get car insurance with my international driver's license, then registered and inspected my car and delivered it to me with a full tank at my door. I I've never seen service like that before. Thank you Car Connections!"

"I'm really impressed and thankful"

"I live on Martha Vineyard and due to the ferry, it is difficult to visit car dealerships and look at cars. I was so impressed with the way Car Connections took the time to help me. I bought the car over the internet, signed for it electronically, and they delivered the car to my home registered and inspected. I was really impressed, and I recommend Car Connections to everyone I know!"

"The most trusted place to buy a car"

"Car Connections provided the perfect car for me to combine comfort, beauty, space, and strength! I can work, travel, and ride with my family. They definitely did an excellent job finding the perfect car for me at such a fair price. We negotiated an all-inclusive price having sales tax, license plate, registration and inspection included in the price. I really found it to be a unique deal! Thank you Junior and Car Connections."

2018 Dodge Journey is perfect for me and my family

"I work with paint, and I needed a spacious car for my work materials, and at the same time a car that I could provide comfort for my family. Junior the sales manager patiently worked to run financial simulations on more than 4 cars until we found the ideal car for me. Car Connections provided excellent service and attended to my needs extremely well and I highly recommend you buy your next car form them."

"They take care of you"

"I have a difficult schedule because I work at different times throughout the day. Car Connections did absolutely everything for me, including helping me obtain car insurance and registering and inspecting the car. When I went to pick up my car it came with a full tank gas. There's no car dealership that I recommend more than Car Connections!"

"My experience went better than I imagined."

"The loan application with the bank caused a slight delay in delivering the car but the delay was not caused by Car Connections. Beyond that, everything went perfectly. My car was delivered very clean, with a full tank of gas, new registration, plates, and inspection. All I needed to do was provide the down payment when I picked up the car. They really have a professional way of doing business and highly recommend buying your next car at Car Connections."

"The best car dealership that I’ve found."

"I’m very happy with my new car. Junior spent hours explaining all the loan application process with me and I felt very comfortable when I closed the deal for my car. I definitely recommend Car Connections!"

"I loved buying my car at Car Connections."

"I explained to Junior that I had no way to go pick up the car because of my job and that I was without a car or a ride. But Car Connections and Junior impressed me because they brought my car to me at 11 PM!!!! What more can I say except thank you for everything guys. I find that sometimes you just need to trust others to help you and Junior and Car Connections are exactly like that."

They were always available for me and my schedule.

"Junior is awesome. He waited for us until later in the evening and after I had left my job.  He was patient and showed us all the car purchase and loan financing details. He was very honest with me and excellently explained the paperwork so that we could understand. Car Connections is very fair and reputable place to buy a car. I highly recommend them."

"My next car purchase will be at Car Connections."

"Junior is the most honest sales manager that I know. He showed me all the numbers, no games, nothing hidden, and did all the running for us to registry and inspecting the car. I love my car, and the Car Connections services provided. If you want to buy a car, this is the right place!"

"They delivered the car to me for free."

"I never thought that it would be possible buy a car from the internet. But it is! I contacted Junior on the Car Connections Facebook page and I live 2 hours from the dealership. I made the down payment electronically using zelle and signed the loan paperwork electronically, and they brought my car to my house with a full tank of gas, plates, registered and inspected. I love it! I have never seen a dealership working like this before! I’ll buy all my cars at Car Connections from now on.  Thank you Junior, Jessica and all the staff, I will never forget all of the attention and help."

"I'm very happy with my car."

"Car Connections has the best inventory, best staff, best prices. They delivered my car with a tank full of gas, very clean, registry running with sales tax and inspection included at an unbelievable price. Thank you Junior, Tony & staff for all help, all the best to you guys."

"100% Reliable!"

"Car Connections is a place where you can be 100% sure you will be treated right. A place that did not disappoint me at any time. Top quality too. Besides leaving with a new car, I left with two new friends too! I highly recommend Car Connections and have no doubts about recommending them."

"I bought my 2017 Dodge Ram HEMI for $23,000.00"

"The Car Connections staff found me the perfect car and I will be always grateful for that. Thank you Junior and everybody, this place is awesome!"

"Always a kind staff and incredible prices."

"My experience with the dealership was the best possible! Excellent service, impeccable car and the one I was looking for and dreaming of and a price that fits in my budget. I highly recommend Car Connections and wish you great success!"

"Great Service and Staff"

"Very good service, the car was delivered clean with all the documentation on time. I Highly recommend Car Connections."

"This is the dealership that I was looking for."

"Car connections is the best used car dealership that you’ll find. I couldn’t believe that I could buy a car in like new condition and pay such a low monthly payment. I really like all the staff, Junior the sales manager, and I need to recommend to all of you guys, before buy your next car, you need do call Car Connections!"

"I Highly recommend this place"

"I just want to thank the Car Connections team especially Junior and his wife Jessica who from the first moment were attentive and did absolutely everything from documentation, inspection, plating and insurance! I recommend to all who seek transparency and trust when buying a car!"